Aviation laryngophone ЛА-6
Produced according to specifications
УМЯИ.467277.020 ТУ
Designed for use in on-board communication equipment with aircraft intercoms such as СПУ-7, СПУ-8, СПУ-9, in conditions of increased acoustic noise as an electroacoustic speech converter.

It is suitable for operation at temperatures from minus 50 ° C to 55 ° C and at high relative humidity up to 98 % at 35 ° C.
  • конструкция ремня обеспечивает подгонку по индивидуальному размеру шеи оператора
  • материал ошейника выполнен из натуральной кожи
Sensitivity at a frequency of 500 Hz at an oscillation speed of 1.0 mm / s, not less than, mV • s / mm 100
The output voltage at a load of 300 Ohms when exposed to a speech spectrum signal with a level of 104 dB, at a distance of 20 mm from the signal source, mV 210 ± 60
Relative total noise resistance in conditions of acoustic noise with a level of up to 115 dB, not less than, dB 16
Supply voltage, V 4 – 7
Consumption current, no more, mA 10
Weight, no more 60 г