Special Design Bureau “Oktava”, JSC is a manufacturing enterprise that designs, implements and manufactures devices and systems as parts of communication means.


We strive for the best result at the time of unstoppable pursuit of profit. Our most valuable asset is the dedicated staff.

They analyze the market for offers and create unique headsets, phones and microphones for customers with any demands.

Being a manufacture, we work with orders from large lots for industrial enterprises to one piece assembled for a specific customer.


Our main activities:

• Development and modernization of modern communication terminals
• Carrying out design and development work and R&D in any form of partnership
• Own production


Competitive advantages:

• Our distinctive feature is the adaptation of product to specific requirements and customer expectations.
• Independence from any outside organizations
• Clear planning and production process control from purchase requisition to dispatch.


We do not differentiate the customers by their wallet size. Their trust and the ability to be useful to those who need to be always in touch and to the requirements of a specific person — fighter, pilot, submariner, fireman, tank crewman, signaller or operator are of great interest to us.

The criteria by which we are chosen:

Quality, reliability, warranty, adaptability.