Headsets for outdoor activities and sports

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1. The output connector on the headset is set according to the type of radio station. The type of radio station is specified when ordering (series "Kenwood", "Icom", "Midland", "Yaesu", "Standard", "Alinco", "Motorola", "Vertex", "Granite", "Erika", etc.).

2. The headset is equipped with a button for switching the receive-transmit modes (RTT). By default, the number 3 button (with a finger mount) is installed on the headset. You can also select the button and the mounting method here and specify what is required when placing an order. In this case, the order price will change. Installation of button # 1, # 2 (instead of the basic one) - 480 rubles, button # 4 (instead of the basic one) - 456 rubles.

3. Additionally, you can specify the installation of the quick disconnect connector (QD) in the order. Installation cost-264 rubles.

4. For two-channel radio stations, a duplicate button No. 3 can be installed in addition to the base one. The installation cost is 660 rubles.

5. When ordering headsets from 5 pcs or more, a 10% discount applies.

6. Shipping is not included in the price of the product. The delivery method is specified when ordering and is included in the invoice.

7. The warranty period is 12 months. For warranty repairs, headsets are accepted in full configuration with the technical data sheet of the product.

How to order:
An order is placed, and then an invoice is issued. The production period under the delivery contract does not exceed 30 working days.

When placing an order in the "Additional information" column, you must specify:

- type of radio station (CONNECTOR)
- the type of BUTTON and the method of its attachment
- for headsets GNSH-P-20-1R, TMG-49R, SHG-3R, SHG-9R, SHG-5R, the color of the soft belt headband (by default it will be black, on request - "olive").

All questions can be clarified:

- by phone: (4872) 36-70-54 Minaev Alexey Andreevich-head of the department
- by email: info@okboktava.ru