The most important stages in the history of Special Design Bureau "Oktava"

1978 – the start up of Special Design Bureau “Oktava” as an independent enterprise.

1979 – the most widespread МД-201 microphone for tape recorders was developed and mastered for production (over 1 million pcs a year).

1980 – 1981 – a batch of ГБШ headsets was developed, manufactured and delivered to the Space Mission Control Centre. Special Design Bureau "Oktava" in Tula is awarded a commemorative medal of the Space Mission Control Centre.

1981-1982 – the country's first acoustic converters for object fibre-optic communication lines were created.

1982-1983 – special seismic receivers for National border control were developed. A package of inventions was obtained.

1983 – a line of high-quality dynamic microphones for the Kremlin infrastructure was launched.

1984-1985 – three employees of the Special Design Bureau were awarded state awards for the development and implementation of special seismic sensors.

1985-1986 – a series of ear-phones, headphones and headsets for simultaneous translation system were developed and delivered for use in the Kremlin halls and the Palace of Congresses;

– discreet inductance receivers and reversible converters for the President security system were developed;

– miniature receivers for hearing aids were developed.

1986-1987 – headsets built into protective gear were created;

– the first piezoelectric ringing devices for subscriber telephone equipment were developed;

– a series of electret microphones developed for telephone equipment, hearing aids and government communications.

1987-1988 – devices based on massive electrets were created and introduced for the first time in the country.

1988-1989 – the basic miniature electret microphone structures were developed.

1990 – leading experts Gribachev V.L., Pribavchenkova L.V., Rozin A.G. were awarded the titles of Laureates of the USSR Council of Ministers Prize in the field of science and technology for the development and implementation of high-tech electret technologies as the basis for the creation of electret microphones family.

1991-1993 – a loud phone capsule was created as the basis for audiometric phone and headsets for people with impaired hearing.

1993-1995 – an integrated industry program for the development of acoustic medical equipment for people with impaired hearing was developed and approved;

– the first in-ear hearing aid in Russia was created.

1995 - special head phones of increased volume as part of speech correction equipment and training aids for people with impaired hearing were awarded the Diploma of the “Eureka-95” International Exhibition in Brussels.

1996 – piezoelectric phones protected by invention packages were created.

1997-1999 – new generation headsets for field communications, aviation protective equipment, and headsets for mobile equipment were developed.

1997– Special Design Bureau “Oktava” in Tula was awarded a diploma of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre for participation and a high technical level of medical acoustic equipment exhibits at the “Mercy-97” exhibition.

1998 – a reversible dynamic converter for domestic radio stations was developed and mastered;

– Deputy General Director for Science & Research Rozin A.G. was elected a corresponding member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of the Russian Federation.

1999 – a series of inductive communication headsets for discreet radio sets was created, mastered, and accepted for delivery to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

2000 – a series of wired headsets for portable and movable radio communication sets was created, mastered, and accepted for delivery to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation;

– the development of radio communication headset for crews of manned International Space Station complex was completed;

– a group of leading experts was awarded the lapel badge of the “Honorary Radio Operator of the Russian Federation”

2001-2002 – a series of field communication headsets was mastered for production;

– the development of microphones, telephones, headsets, mask microphone devices, telephones for flight helmets was completed;

– radio-equipped hard helmet was developed for military simulators;

– a computer acoustic measuring complex was created.

2002-2005 – a microphone for on-board voice data recording device was developed;

– the country's first headsets and earphone helmet with active noise control system for tactical hardware were created;

– the production of a number of field communication headsets, including inductive headsets, voice console, headsets with soft gear, shielded headsets was mastered;

– a line of acoustic devices for integrated ship communications complex was developed.

2006 – an independent development of microphone-telephone handset and headset with medium noise protection with chest switch for a number of radio communication sets was completed.

2007 – headsets integrated into helmets of special forces were mastered;

– Special Design Bureau "Oktava" is represented in the Golden Book of Tula and the Tula region.

2008 – a license from Roscosmos for space activities in the development and manufacture of electro-acoustic devices for manned space objects and ground-based space infrastructure was obtained, five employees of the enterprise were awarded medals of the Cosmonautics Federation.

2009 – the production of small-sized noise-resistant microphones МДМ-13, МДМ-14 was mastered;

– the production of acoustic devices integrated into airplane and helicopter helmets was mastered;

– participation in the 8th exhibition of military equipment, technology and ground forces weaponry;

– serial production of ТГ-27 (TG-27) headphones on the basis of new piezoelectric capsules was launched.

2010 – participation in a number of major exhibition events, among which: the international exhibition “Svyaz-Expocomm-2010”, the Helicopter Forum, the Convention of Ultra light Aircraft Fans;

– the voluntary certification procedure was completed and a Certificate of Conformity was received, which certifies the quality management system conformity with regard to the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008, SRPP VT (Product Development and Launch System for Military Hardware), GOST RV 15.002-2003. (Radio Communication) standards for development and production of weapons and military equipment. Permission was obtained to use the conformity mark of quality management system;

– new microphone-telephone headset ГСШ-П-42 was prepared for production.

2011 – participation in a number of major exhibition events, among them: the “Interpolitech-2011” exhibition of state security tools, the “Electrotrans” exhibition of products for all types of transport, the operational meeting of key personnel of the Russian Federation Interior Troops;

– new products were mastered, including: flight headsets ШЛ-Л-82, headsets ТМГ-49, new modifications of tank headsets ТШ-4, the range of ШГ headsets continues to extend.

2012 – a structural range of piezoceramic microphone and telephone capsules МПК-2, МПК-3, ТПК-3 was developed;

– participation in industrial “HeliRussia 2012” helicopter exhibition; the "Interpolitech-2012" exhibition;

– the production of contact type headset modifications was mastered: ТМГК-1,ТМГК-2 and headset ТМГК-3 integrated into any protective gear.

2013 – participation in the "Big Airsoft Manoeuvres. Opening 2013” forum with presentation of headset replicas for outdoor activities, where the headsets received high rating in quality assessment;

– participation in the "Interpolitech-2013" exhibition.

2014 – participation in the “Material and Technical Support of Security, Defence and Law Enforcement Agencies”, “Interpolitech-2014” exhibitions and International Scientific and Practical Conference of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

2015 – participation in the special show of equipment at the operational-strategic exercise "Barrier-2015", in the "Interpolitech-2015", "Innovation Days of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence” exhibitions in Kubinka;

– modernization of signalling and wired self-sufficient communication headset ТМГ-22 was completed in three versions.

2016 – participation in the "Integrated Safety and Security -2016", "Interpolitech-2016" exhibitions;

– headset ГНШ-П-24 for military sports games was released;

– dynamic laryngophone ЛД-1 and aviation laryngophone ЛА-6 were developed;

– unification of helmet headset ШГ-7 for all types of radio communication sets was performed.

2017 – unification of helmet headset ШГ-7 for all types of radio communication sets was performed;

– miniature headsets ТМГ-23 КС were developed for use in special communications.

2018 - headset ТМГ-63 was developed for logistic and call centres;

– contact headset ТМГК-5 was developed and manufactured;

– active headset for hearing protection and two-way communication was developed;

– lightweight flight headset ШЛО-82 with mesh top and hooks for oxygen mask attachment was manufactured;

– participation in the "Interpolitech-2018" exhibition.

2019 – participation in the "Day of Advanced Technologies for Law Enforcement Agencies of the Russian Federation" forum.